CueSee® CO-OX PT

The ideal CO-oximetry testing material is a solution with real hemoglobin derivatives with the sensitivity CO-OX instruments are facing with patient samples.

Eurotrol has revolutionized quality control for CO-Oximeters by developing CueSee CO-OX PT with real hemoglobin derivatives in one sample. Packaged in the ACU-Drop II, this innovative, dual-chambered device keeps the oxyhemoglobin separated from the methemoglobin to provide a long shelf-life.
  • Available in clinically relevant levels
  • Compatible with all common CO-oximeters providing identical results
  • Ideal for quality control, method comparisons, AMR validations and proficiency testing
Tutorial CueSee® CO-OX
Tutorial ACU-Drop® II

Intended Use

Eurotrol CueSee CO-OX PT is an unassayed (Assayed controls are expected to be available next year), real hemoglobin control intended for professional use in the verification of the precision and accuracy of Hemoximeters (CO-oximeters) measuring total hemoglobin (tHb) and fractions of Hb-derivatives FO2Hb, FCOHb and FMetHb. The purpose of this quality control is to check wavelength and absorbance calibration and other performance related characteristics.


  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Unit
tHb 17.25-18.75 9.75-11.25 11.25-12.75 g/dL
O2Hb 85.0-100.0 75.0-85.0 65.0-75.0 %
COHb 2.5-7.5 7.5-12.5 12.5-17.5 %
MetHb 0.0-7.5 7.5-12.5 12.5-17.5 %
  Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Unit
tHb 12.75-14.25 14.25-15.75 15.75-17.25 g/dL
O2Hb 55.0-65.0 45.0-55.0 35.0-45.0 %
COHb 17.5-22.5 22.5-27.5 27.5-32.5 %
MetHb 17.5-22.5 22.5-27.5 27.5-32.5 %

note 1: All ranges per analyte are target ranges for manufacturing of the product. See actual value sheets with lot specific values, which may vary in range widths and mean values due to instrument chosen for value assignments.


Hemolysate of purified bovine hemoglobin.
Packaged in ACU-Drop II, each prepared sample contain 2.0 mL.


Ordering Information

Available from Eurotrol B.V., EU and Eurotrol, Inc. USA
Contact Eurotrol for more details and ordering information.

For EQA/PT schemes custom-made linearity panels can be supplied on request.