CueSee VeriSTAT® with a blue dye

In response to our customers' needs, Eurotrol has designed a new quality control and calibration verification material for the Abbott i-STAT analyzer with an added blue dye to aid the operator in cartridge filling while performing quality control procedures.

Eurotrol was the first to manufacture an all-in-one formulation with blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites and hematocrit in the same ampule which has simplified and lowered the cost of quality control for years now. With CueSee VeriSTAT®, available in 3 levels of QC or a 5-level calibration verification kit, meeting regulatory requirements is now easier. The blue dye helps operators more easily see the fluids as they dose the cartridges, minimizing sampling errors.

CueSee VeriSTAT® users can take advantage of helpful barcoding and Eurotrol's CueSee® Online-an on line tool for QC data submission and analysis-to enhance the quality control and calibration verification process even further. For more information on CueSee VeriSTAT® LVM click here and CueSee VeriSTAT® QC click here.