HemoCue Hemoglobin Controls

Superior performance and convenience for all HemoCue hemoglobin systems is achieved with Eurotrol's quality control products.

Whether you use the HemoCue Hb 201, Hb 301 or Plasma/Low Hb meter, Eurotrol offers controls that make compliance easier to achieve.

With longer shelf lives and stability, there is less waste due to outdating. Without the need for precise preparation, Eurotrol's hemoglobin controls reduce pre-analytical error and cuvettes are less prone to interference due to bubbles. And all are recommended by HemoCue.

To see product and ordering information, click product of interest for HemoTrol, HemoLin, Hb 301 Control, or Plasma/Low Control or for other Eurotrol control products including HemoCue's glucose and albumin systems, click here.
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