Eurotrol, Inc. (US)

Where can I find the value sheets for the products for the Alere epoc system?
Since Siemens performs the actual value assignments, you may obtain them at
Where can I find value sheets for each product lot number and CLEW update for the Abbott i-STAT?
  • Value sheets are included in every product shipment. Should you need additional value sheets, they can be obtained from our website from Documents link on our home page or on each product page. Towards the bottom of each product page there is a drop down menu called Documents which has the most up-to-date value sheets for each product.
  • You may also call us any time at (+1) 502 501 1180, fill out a Contact form or email us at to obtain them.
  • Please consider joining our i-STAT Value Sheet CLEW update service to be alerted when new or updated value sheets are available.
Can I use CueSee Online for my Eurotrol quality control materials?
Yes! CueSee Online is available for all Eurotrol controls and is a free service. You may request a user name and password at
Can I get a sample of your product to try?
Please call us at (+1) 502 501 1180 to obtain a sample of one of our QC products. You may also make a request by our Contact form.
Can I use CueSee Hypoxic on my blood gas analyzer in the laboratory or is it just for point of care instruments?
YES! You can use CueSee Hypoxic on most blood gas analyzers for validating your low pO2 values. See value sheet of CueSee Hypoxic for list of analyzers.
Which ranges on the value sheets should I use for i-STAT products?
There are values for all cartridges types/all lot numbers and there are values that are cartridge type and lot specific. You and your medical director should decide which values to use in your institution since practices vary according to preferences that may include regulatory or state agency requirements.
How can I submit a Purchase Order?
Orders can be placed via email or over the phone at (+1) 502 501 1180.
What information should be included on a Purchase Order?
Please be sure to include your correct Purchase Order (PO) number, purchasing contact name and telephone number, ship-to and bill-to addresses, Eurotrol product codes and amounts to be ordered. For international customers it is also important to mention your VAT number.
How do you normally ship your products?
Unless otherwise requested, orders are shipped 2nd day, Monday through Wednesday. If products are needed sooner, overnight delivery is available, Monday through Thursday.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we accept Mastercard and VISA credit cards for your purchases. Please call for details.