Review your Quality Control Data with Peers

CueSee® Compare is a simple way to review your quality control data with peers by use of statistical and graphical presentations.


Build workgroups specific to the areas where your testing occurs. This allows you to assign the responsibility among your staff to enter results and generate reports for specific instruments.
Easily add and manage all staff who participate in your point of care testing. The options of Group Administrator, User and Reader offers roles specific to the function each user performs.
Specify your instruments with proper units and you will be ready to manage your quality control results. For reassurance, instruments for which results have been reported can’t be deleted.
Enter results manually or by importing a file from your lab middleware software by creating a mapping only once. The Log keeps track of the details of your imports that can be easily undone.
You can easily generate all reports for Your and Peer results needed for review and regulatory compliance. All generated reports will be archived in the Log for later reference or to share.
Manage your account details such as contact information, login credentials, decimal separator, report settings etc. Ensure that this information is correct to be able to obtain good support.

How it works

After signing up and logging in, you just need to follow these basic steps:
Set account preferences
Build your workgroups and add users
Specify your instruments
Enter your results
Generate statistical reports

Who can use it

It is available for all Eurotrol customers and it is FREE!

All features are very clearly structured and easy to use without training. This makes it the ideal companion for all your QC tasks of which outcome can be directly shared with Lab Directors and Consultants. In addition to standard reports, we also offer custom reports based on user requirements.