In 1988 Eurotrol was founded by Professor Dr. Anton Maas who was a leading scientist in the field of clinical chemistry. After his retirement as a scientist, he had innovative ideas to develop quality control materials for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests. Those ideas are still used on a daily basis to validate diagnostic test around the world.

What Eurotrol Does?

To be able to diagnose patients, doctors use the outcome of diagnostic tests of blood samples. The big concern is if the outcome of these tests are "reliable". To eliminate this concern Eurotrol produces Quality Control (QC) materials which are artificial blood samples with a known composition. Regularly, these QC materials are measured with the diagnostic test to verify if the outcome is within expected concentrations. This check is crucial to safeguard proper patient treatment.


The legacy of Anton Maas has been passed on to a new Eurotrol generation. This is evidenced by a continuous succession of new product developments, many of which are unique in the world. Eurotrol has developed more than 400 different products covering a wide range of tests that are used in more than 80 countries. We have grown to a company size of 50+ employees with facilities in The Netherlands and the Unites States. Our greatest asset is our staff that is highly motivated, dedicated and involved in decision-making at all levels. We strive to be highly responsive to our customers' needs and to build long-term customer relationships.


Our company is uniquely positioned to respond to the fast growing health care market. We are fully integrated from research and development towards sales and distribution in Europe and the USA, the two largest diagnostic markets in the world. Being a relatively small and independent company makes it possible to be very flexible and responsive to opportunities with innovative and high quality solutions. This will allow hospitals to deliver more appropriate and effective therapies that will improve patient care and lower treatment costs.